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Mapping the past...
Historic maps demonstrate a fascinating insight into the way the world was viewed and charted in bygone days. They have provided us with enduring accounts of the age-old universal thirst for knowledge and discovery; the evolution of societies; the alteration of the geographic landscape and the changing and creating of boundaries throughout the continents. Highly decorative and attractive additions to any room, maps were, and are still, invaluable tools for learning, exploration and play and, on the odd occasion, implied military intent! Read on...

Map of London
Engraved by Edward Mogg, 51 Charing Cross, published 1st January 1825. It is also inscribed in ink with the name Thos. Hinton and the date 1826. Dissected and laid on linen as originally issued,it is now in an ebonised frame with gilt slip and comes with its original vellum slipcase bearing the label "Map of London. London in Miniature, with the Surrounding Villages in which the Improvement both present and intended are actually produced (by Permission) from the surveys of the several proprietors. The whole laid down from the best Authorities and carefully corrected to the present time by Edward Mogg". Mogg was an English cartographer and engraver who flourished in the first half of the 19th century, notably engraving all his own maps in extraordinarily fine detail and to an exceptional level of fine workmanship. Publishing his maps from 51 Charing Cross, he made note of all the streets, significant buildings, docks and various parks as well as projected city renewal plans. He has also depicted the area of London consumed by fire in the Great Fire of 1666 with a red outline. A Mr. Thomas Hinton arrived in London in 1826 as a pianoforte maker/journeyman, having moved from Market Drayton, Shropshire. Perhaps this map enabled the newcomer to find his way around his new home city.
Stock No. 9648
'A New Map of The County of York'
Surveyed by Thomas Dix, North Walsham. Published by William Darton, Holborn, London January 1820. Depicts Ridings and their Subdivisions, Navigable Canals and Rivers, etc. Folding edition on linen with original carrying case. Now in a moulded, ebonised frame.
Height 25.5" (65cm) Width 30.75" (78cm)
Stock No. 9322
Boxed Jigsaw Superior Dissection Maps by W. Peacock
A selection of boxed, dissected maps. Now with removable frames and boxes with printed labels. Maps printed by Gall & Inglis, Edinburgh.
English, circa 1890 - 1900

Map of Venice
'Pianta della Regia Citta di Venezia e sue Isole Vicine' (Plan of the [direction)/layout of the city of Venice and its neighbouring islands). Published by Giuseppe Kier, dealer in prints and beautiful objects of art, No. 117 St. Mark's Square. Drawn and engraved by Giambattista Garlato and dated 1841. Sea and waterways hand- coloured in blue. Illustrated with engravings of Venetian scenes and buildings fully indexed and edged in the Greek key pattern. Dissected and laid on linen. Dark green board slipcase, gilt embossed with the French 'Plan de Venise, Italie' and a crest with coronet, orb and the Latin 'nihil ultra'. Scale 1:8,300. The embossed and gilt frame has a removable back for access to the map if required. (Map shows some minor holes due to insect infestation)
Map Size: W. 28.5" (72.5cm) D. 21" (53.5cm)
Frame H. 22.5" (57cm) W. 30.5" (75cm)
Italian, circa 1841
Stock No. 9783

La Principaute D'Orange et comtat de Venaissin
17th century engraving entitled La Principaute D'Orange et comtat de Venaissin. The engraving is dedicated to Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange (1625-1647). Inscribed Evert Symons z Hamersveldt, Sculpt. Hamersveldt (1591-1653)
Published Amsterdam 1627
Frame Height 22" (56cm) Width 26.5" (67cm)
Stock No. 9446
German World War 11 Invasion Map
'S.W.London und Windsor'. The map is dated 1941 and has been modified from a British Ordnance Survey Map, the scale metricated and the text transcribed to German, with information of interest to an invading or occupying army. Clearly one of a series, this and others the same were found in the attic of a house near Rouen quite recently.
Height 30.5" (77cm) Width 41.5" (106cm)
Stock No. 9136

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