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Relative values...
...or valued relatives from generations ago? Portraiture was the photography of its time and the art of capturing the individuality and personality of the sitter was of utmost importance for the artist, whether commissioned or painted for pleasure. These portraits can still hold a fascination for the beholder today, adding a certain extra dimension to the home interior along with that little bit of mystery as their gaze looks out and catches your eye. Each could, without doubt, become a valued and decorative asset to anyone's family home or collection. This month we feature some of the portraits we have in stock...

The Gypsy

The Old Shepherd

Mr Ben Tillett - Socialist

Rosa Byass


Alan Smith Esq

Mr Pearce
T. ALFRED WEST (1864-1947)
Thomas Alfred West spent most of his life living and working in Liverpool having studied in both the Manchester and Liverpool Schools of Art, and sculpture and modelling at the South Kensington Art School in London. From the age of 16 he became a lithographic artist, eventually winning various awards and prizes for his work. Turning to portraiture, his acclaim in this genre grew and he painted many eminent and influential members of the clergy, politics, industry and the community, such as the Archbishop of Liverpool, Dr Downey, Sir James Sexton M.P., the Bishop of Barbados, Rev D Bentley and the socialist, Ben Tillett. He exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy, The Royal Institute of Painters in Oil and The Royal Cambrian Academy as well as leading provincial art galleries such as Liverpool (now the Walker) and Manchester.
T. Alfred West's ability with the brush to reproduce personality and mood is remarkable. He was able to capture as much the essence of hauteur, eminence and sophistication, as the innocence of childhood and allure of womanhood. His style changes to suit the sitter and his or her characteristics; precision for the austere and distinguished, larger, sweeping brush strokes for the relaxed and more rakish, and subtle use of colour and warmth for the women and children. West's subjects rarely smile but radiate their personality through his skilful presentation of their eyes and demeanour.
To the left is a selection of the portraits we hold in stock by this extraordinary artist.

Oil on Canvas - Portrait of Emma Mary Turner and her Sister, Annie.
Sitting beneath a tree in a landscape, the older sister, Emma, points to a place in an atlas on her lap whilst the younger sister stands to her left holding a posy of flowers. Monogram of WSH to lower left hand corner for William Salter Herrick. Old label with faint handwriting, Emma Mary Turner, wife of Francis Buxton Smythe and her sister Annie. Emma (b. 1865) and Annie (b. 1868), were the daughters of Henry Tu r n e r, a h i g h l y successful co-owner of one of London's most prominent department stores and wholesalers in the second half of the 19th century, Spencer, Turner & Boldero, Carved and gilded frame of later date.
English, circa 1870
Stock No. 1059

Belle Epoque Portrait - School of Giovanni Boldini (1842 - 1931)
The portrait of a young society woman in a red dress, set against a backdrop of dark green velvet drapes, the woman's tulle dress a splash of vivid colour with a strong sense of movement. Her features are nonetheless finely detailed, giving the subject a soft, alive and sophisticated appearance. Unidentified signature to top right. Gilt slip within contemporary ebonised frame.
European, circa 1900 - 1910
Framed Height 18" (46cm) Width 14" (36cm)
Stock No. 9922

Girl with Coral Necklace Seated with a Lap Dog
English naive primitive school, circa 1820- 1840
Framed Height 36" (92cm) Width 32" (81cm)
Stock No. 6758
Georgian Pastel Portrait of a Military Gentleman
An unidentified, young and bewigged gentleman wearing a scarlet frock coat, the uniform of the British Army. The white facings of the coat imply that he was probably an officer in a 'foot' regiment. Around his neck he wears a silver and blue medallion suspended from a blue ribbon and displaying what appears to be Britannia. The carved and gilded frame is original.
English, circa 1760 - 1800
Height 25" (64cm)Width 22" (56cm)
Stock No. 9878

Miniature Portrait of a Regency Gentleman
Painted on ivory in a gilt oval frame. Inscribed to the rear: Mr. John Dent, Solicitor and County Coroner. John Dent (1782-1830) from Stone, Staffordshire was elected County Coroner in April 1826; his wife later lived in Gloucestershire.
Oval frame: 3" (7.5cm) x 2.5" (6.5cm)
Stock No. 9721

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