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The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses

The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses

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The Jacobites and Their Drinking Glasses.
Geoffrey B. Seddon
Published Antique Collectors’ Club, 1995
Believing that they were cheated out of their rightful inheritance of the English throne, the Stuarts and their supporters, the Jacobites, engaged in all manner of rebellion, both brutal and more sedentary. In the latter manner, the rebellious raised engraved wine glasses to toast the ‘King over the Water’ rather than raise their swords. Much has been written about this particular chapter of history, but little about the glassware from this rebellion. This book is, however, a most detailed and important study of the secret Jacobite societies and the drinking glasses they used, providing a complete coverage of the subject against a compelling historical background. It discusses and explains the intricate designs and rich symbolism that have been etched onto the surface of these elegant pieces and supplies a means of authenticating the genuine engravings in a field infested with fakes. A wealth of magnificent photographs provides a detailed record of nearly 500 examples of Jacobite glass. 268pp., 46 col., 500 b&w. illus. Out of print. Brand new, mint condition. Multiple copies.