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Georgian boxwood flute by Astor & Horwood

Georgian boxwood flute by Astor & Horwood

Code: 2134A


L: 22.2" (56.4 cm)


Boxwood flute by Astor & Horwood. A four part, four key boxwood flute, each part stamped with the maker’s name of Astor & Horwood, 79 Cornhill, London, and a unicorn’s head. Head cap and four rings of ivory and brass keys all intact. This marker’s stamp was used between the years 1815 and 1819.

This object incorporates old ivory and has been registered with Defra

Astor & Co was an Anglo-American firm of instrument makers and publishers, founded by George (Georg) Astor and John (Johann) Astor, sons of Jacob Astor, a merchant from Mannheim, Germany following their immigration to England.

After moving to London from Germany, they founded George & John Astor (c1778-1783) at 26 Wych Street. John Astor left the company and moved to America in 1783 where he became America’s first multimillionaire as an entrepreneur. During the period 1796 - 1826, the firm was known as either George Astor or Astor & Co, trading out of 79 Cornhill and 27 Tottenham Street, and, briefly, between 1815 and 1819, using the name Astor & Horwood.