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Book of watercolours by John Marshall-West

Book of watercolours by John Marshall-West

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H: 7" (17.8 cm)W: 10" (25.4 cm)


Fifteen principal watercolours of sea and landscapes, with extensive sketches and smaller paintings throughout this sketchbook, dated 1895.  There are included two separate postcard size paintings of lascars – Asian sailors – one of them with the inscription ‘Quartermaster’ to the rear, the other with the sailor’s name at the bottom. The first painting is of the tents at the army camp at Orchard Portman, Somerset, where West’s regiment was, at one time, stationed. There are numerous, highly detailed studies of sailing boats from the Middle East and steam/cargo ships and their names, as well as pencil sketches and pencil markings relating to the use of appropriate colour. Some of the watercolours are unfinished or preparation for further work. One watercolour presents the burning of government buildings at Ketch, and the others are from North Africa, Turkey, Aden and Venice. There also appears to be paintings of English coastlines, possibly the White Cliffs of Dover.  One painting is inscribed ‘The Twelve Apostles’, possible reference to a stretch of coastline on the Victorian coastline of Australia, the artist’s birthplace. To the rear of one of the paintings is depicted an array of semaphore flags, spelling out “England Expects that Every Man Will do His Duty”, Trafalgar, Oct 21 1805. There is also a painting on the back board and, reading the book from the other direction, a date inscription that says Dec ’07. Three pages appear to be neatly cut out.
Book Condition: Fair. Beige cloth boards soiled with hole to front cloth and board. Spine worn to head and tail and corners all rubbed. Measures 10 x 7 inches. Paintbrush/pencil holder attached to top edge front board.