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Reeves prize colour box

Reeves prize colour box

Code: 2545


H: 6" (15.2 cm)W: 4" (10.2 cm)


Reeves prize colour box. The mahogany case opens to display paints, brushes and china palette, the lid inscribed in a cartouche ‘Department of Science and Art - Reward’ with Royal Crown over.
By Reeves and Sons, 113, Cheapside, London. E.C.
English, circa 1900
Box 6” (18cm) x 4” (10cm)
Stock No. 2545

This watercolor set was an award/ reward by the Royal Science and Art Department which is stamped on the outside of the box and shows on the label on the inside of the lid.  Awards like this were provided for in the British Education Reform Acts of 1870 - which was a historical advancement in educational reform. These were awarded to students for "good attendance & diligence" Awards were also given to educators.