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Antique miniature Mi’kmaq canoe

Antique miniature Mi’kmaq canoe

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W: 1.8" (4.6 cm)L: 7.2" (18.3 cm)


Antique miniature of a full size Mi’kmaq canoe made of birch bark with dyed porcupine quill as decoration and sewn with spruce root. The full size canoes were made with the same materials and were strong enough to use on the ocean. These small-scale canoes are said to have a spiritual significance and thought to possess the same characteristics and spirital power as the larger ones.
The Mi’kmaq were among the most skilled Aboriginal mariners in Canada and paddled across the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the North Shore and along the coastlines of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and New. England.
For similar, see The McCord Museum, Montreal.
Canadian, probably Nova Scotia, circa 1900 - 1910