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Antique leather-bound book games board

Antique leather-bound book games board

Code: 1306


H: 3.2" (8.1 cm)W: 21" (53.3 cm)D: 18.2" (46.2 cm)


Antique games board with a pair of leather-bound faux book ends entitled ‘The Standard Physician’ opening as a games board for chess to the outside and backgammon to the interior. Comes with well turned set of 30 draughtsmen, 15 ebony and 15 boxwood plus a pair of leather dice shakers.
The squares 2” (5cm) sq. the box open: Height 3.25” (8cm) Width 21” (53cm)
Depth 18.25” (46.5cm)

English, circa 1900