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Map of Surrey by Robert Morden (c.1650-1703)

Map of Surrey by Robert Morden (c.1650-1703)

Code: 1556


H: 16.8" (42.7 cm)W: 19.5" (49.5 cm)


Antique Map of Surrey by Robert Morden. Hand coloured map as first published in Camden’s Britannia in 1695 by Edmund Gibson, Bishop of Lincoln. Ornamental cartouche above a comprehensive map, with scale bars, depicting towns, villages, churches, woodlands, parks, rivers and hundreds, etc. It also shows three differing scales of miles - great, middle and small - none of which represents a statute mile.
Robert Morden (c.1650-1703) an English bookseller, publisher and one of the first successful commercial maker of maps and globes.
Mounted in a Hogarth frame.
English, circa 1695