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19th Primitive portrait oil painting of a gentleman by Percival Novice

19th Primitive portrait oil painting of a gentleman by Percival Novice

Code: 8970-1


H: 33" (83.8 cm)W: 27" (68.6 cm)


19th century primitive portrait oil painting of a seated gentleman.  Painted on board and dated 1871, signed by the Scottish artist, Percival Novice (1821-c1892).  The gilt frames are by W. Allen of Edinburgh.

Born in Edinburgh and spending the majority of his life in and around that city, Percival Novice was an accomplished artist producing work of both a traditional nature and, later, work that met the criteria of the ‘primitive/naïve’ trend. Listed in the Scottish censuses from 1851 – 1891, he describes himself as both artist and portrait artist. He is known to have painted significant works including the biblical subject: Judith and Holofernes; (1867) and a maritime battle, ‘The Capture of the Proserpine by French Frigates’ (1850). One of his earlier woks, ‘The Reverend William Garden Blaikie – Professor of Theology’ (1853) is now in the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland. His work was represented at the Scottish Royal Academy on four occasions. His brother, George William Novice, was also a highly acclaimed landscape and still life artist, exhibiting regularly at both the Scottish Royal Academy and the Royal Academy in London. He was also the author of the respected; Lights in Art – a Review of Ancient and Modern Pictures’ (Edinburgh, 1965).