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The Rt. Hon. Lady Dulverton's Coronation Robes

The Rt. Hon. Lady Dulverton's Coronation Robes

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The Rt. Hon Lady Dulverton’s Coronation Robes
As worn at the coronation of King George V1 on May 18th, 1937, made by the distinguished London couture salon, W.W. Reville-Terry Ltd., comprising a short-sleeved robe of crimson silk velvet, fitted and trimmed in miniver and a train of crimson silk velvet with short ermine capelet and gilt cordons to the shoulders.

W. W. Reville-Terry Ltd
Reville-Terry was a sophisticated and well-known couture salon owned by William Wallace Terry, who took the professional name of Reville. Operating under various names such as Reville and Rossiter and Reville Ltd, the fashion house was eventually to split into two in 1928, with William Terry directing W.W. Reville-Terry Ltd. In 1936, he took over the prestigious salon of Worth. Designing costumes for the nobility and minor royalty, the company was dressmaker to Queen Mary and advertised regularly in Vogue magazine in the 1920s. Another of Reville-Terry’s prestigious customers was Queen Maud of Norway, daughter of Edward Vll and granddaughter of Queen Victoria. Using all the best European couture houses, Maud was famous for her exemplary style and sophistication and used Reville-Terry for many items of her wardrobe. At least one of her gowns made by the couturier is on display at The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design in Oslo and was represented in an exhibition in 2005 at the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of Norway’s centenary celebrations, titled ‘Style and Splendour: Queen Maud of Norway’s Wardrobe, 1896 – 1938’