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Two Georgian silk work embroideries

Two Georgian silk work embroideries

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H: 11.5" (29.2 cm)W: 11.8" (30 cm)

£1,250.00 the two

Two Georgian silk work embroideries by Miss Clifton. Both the pictures are beautifully embroidered in monochrome tones of creams and browns, one depicts a lady sitting by a cottage writing on her writing slope, while her cat attempts to distract her by playing with her skirts and on the garden path there is a gentleman who appears to be loading a musket! The second picture depicts a lady sitting by a bucket and staring into the distance where we see a figure on a horse riding away. Both pictures are in their original gilt wood frames which, while not identical, are very well matched. One signed directly on to the backing paper “Miss Clifton” the other with a label signed “Miss Clifton 1786”. The pictures are in exceptional condition given their age. The frames are carved and gilded.

English, circa 1790.

Silk embroidered pictures of this type where typically the work of young ladies who would be taught the art of watercolour painting and embroidery, considered to be suitable pastimes for ladies of a certain social standing. Miss Clifton was clearly a talented lady who enjoyed telling a story through her pictures.