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17th century turned lignum vitae Wassail bowl

17th century turned lignum vitae Wassail bowl

Code: 6927


H: 8" (20.3 cm)Di: 7.2" (18.3 cm)


The lignum vitae Wassail bowl is finely turned with triple ribbed bands over low turned stem to moulded domed foot . The crusty surface is well patinated
English mid 17th century

Wassail bowl or Loving cup. The words ‘waes-hael’, ‘was-hael’ or ‘was-haile’ or ‘wass-heil’ have all passed into our language as ‘wassail’. Wassailing was a term used to describe community drinking, usually associated with festive occasions. Recipes vary according to local customs. Good ale, or in some cases, wine, were the basis to which sugar, cloves and cardamons were added together with a small roasted apple for each drinker. Egg white was also added to produce a froth, giving rise to the name ‘lamb’s-wool’.