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Walnut heraldic armorial shield

Walnut heraldic armorial shield

Code: 1378


H: 16" (40.6 cm)W: 11.5" (29.2 cm)


Walnut heraldic armorial shield
Hand painted in oils and gold leaf, the arms, granted on 9th January 1905, of Thomas Franklin Barratt, barrister and member of the Royal Geographical Society, son of Thomas James Barratt, head of Pears Soap, advertising pioneer, environmentalist and historian.
To the reverse the paper label for the heraldic offices
of Leo Culleton, 92 Piccadilly, London, heraldic artist and engraver.
English, circa 1905

Heraldry has been described as 'the shorthand of history' and the perceived beauty and pageantry of heraldic designs has allowed them to survive the gradual abandonment of armour on the battlefield.  Latterly, individuals, universities, public and private organizations, corporations, cities, towns, and regions use heraldry to symbolize their heritage, achievements and aspirations.