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Antique 19th century Chinese hardwood centre table

Antique 19th century Chinese hardwood centre table

Code: 9414

Dimensions:H: 20.5" (52.1 cm)W: 17" (43.2 cm)D: 13" (33 cm)


Antique 19th century Cantonese hardwood centre table, with well-figured inset variegated and pink-veined marble top, over a deeply carved and pierced fretwork frieze. Stands upon carved, reeded legs with scroll feet. 

Such tables were used by Chinese ladies as dressing/make-up tables. The intricate carving in the frieze includes bats and peaches, the bat symbolising the male principle and the peach the female. The bat is considered significant in Chinese symbology as representing wealth, happiness and good fortune, whilst the peach is a symbol of female fertility and of longevity.

 Chinese, circa 1850 - 1900