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Oil painting on canvas - The Marriage of the Virgin


Code: 4235W


H: 50" (127 cm)W: 66.5" (168.9 cm)

Gilt framed oil painting on canvas - The Marriage of the Virgin.
This particular scene was painted frequently, especially in the Middle Ages, as a common component of the larger cycle of the ‘Life of the Virgin’. It has been painted by, amongst others, Giotto, Perugino (c1500 - 1504), Raphael (c1504), Ghirlandaio (c1485 – 1490), Pieter van Lint (1640), Filippo Bellini (late 16th century), Veronese (mid 16th century), and Giacomo di Castro (17th century). This version, by an unidentified artist, came from an English Catholic Foundation and is believed to be a 17th Century Italian work.

Framed dimensions:  Height  50" (127cm) Width 66.5" (169cm)                                                                                                                                  Painting dimensions: Height  39" (99cm)   Width 55.5" (141cm)