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Dutch repoussé antique silver brandy bowl - BRANDEWIJNSKOPPEN


Code: 1676


H: 2" (5.1 cm)Di: 3.5" (8.9 cm)

Dutch repoussé antique silver brandy bowl - BRANDEWIJNSKOPPEN
Flared rim to circular bowl over beading, acanthus leaves and figures of two gentlemen in rustic scenes over pedestal foot. Two cast, pierced handles of ornate foliate form with lion’s head motif. To the base varied pseudo marks which include a ‘C’, which could possibly be a date mark for 1837, and a pseudo purity mark of ‘930’. Elsewhere, on both body and foot are Minerva’s head with mark M for Schoonhoven, the quality mark of a lion rampant indicating the highest standard silver impressed with a key. This key mark indicates made for export and was used from 1853. Within the pattern of one handle is an unidentified maker’s mark of possibly J or I B. To the rim of the bowl is the English hallmark of the importer, Samuel Boyce Landeck of Sheffield, date letter ‘b’ for 1894.
Dutch, circa 1840 - 1890

Two-handled silver brandy bowls were used to celebrate occasions such as weddings and childbirth. The brandy, or ‘brandewijn’, which was a liquor distilled from wine and to which raisins and sugar were added, would have been passed around and served by a spoon.